Spartacus Vengeance - Starts Monday 30th 10pm on Sky 1

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Jan 25, 2010
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Spartacus is back on Sky 1 next monday.

Fantastic series, characters and story are so strong that the 'over the top' stuff is not really needed (and can be a little much). If you haven't seen 'Blood and Sand' its on Sky on Demand this month along with the prequel 'Gods of the Arena'.

If you have never seen this before the first 6 minutes of the new episode are on 'You Tube' for a taster.

Lots of moans about the new Spartacus after Andy Whitfield passed away(give the new guy a chance), but strangely its the new Naiiva that looks completely different in character and image, from beautiful handmaiden to Amazonian Warrior, new actress,and unfamilier. Don't think Starz will let us down though.