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Soundbar vs small speakers and small subwoofer

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Nov 2, 2016
Hi guys, I am in grave danger of over-thinking a solution to a problem....Any advice welcomed (except give up!)

I enjoy good sound from TV and music. I prefer detailed sound to mush. Our room is 3.5 metres by 5 metres with the TV and two floor standing speakers at the narrow end. The listening room is at our house in Spain and consequently has tiled floors. Cables are a no no, So a 2.1 system makes sense. We also would prefer not to have speakers that are very deep. My two old Linn speakers need to go. Need a smart design.

So my options appear to be a soundbar/base......are any of these good with music, separation etc? Or something like a pair of Cambridge Minx(s) with a small subwoofer. It is tricky to audition decent HiFi/AV stuff in this part of Spain, everything here is from the Far East which might be good these days. I can get hold of UK gear but without audition. A recommendation as to a great soundbar musically as well as AV plus some smallish speakers that can deliver (will be on desk-type stands) would be appreciated. Other solutions welcomed.

Budget up to £600 ish.



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Feb 15, 2009
Hello Ray, while you are in the U.K. I suggest you call into a John Lewis, Richer Sounds, even PCWorld, and listen to the difference between a soundbar and 2.1 speakers. They are quite different, and you should prefer one or the other

For your budget, a Sonos soundbar would be safest recommendation. It is widely available.

We've had very good results in a similar sized room with a Canton soundbase, the often recommended 55 model. They do make larger ones too. It is very nicely made and operates smoothly.

Good luck!
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