Sony KDL37EX503 vs Sony KDL40HX803 vs Panasonic TX-L37D28?


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Aug 10, 2019
Basically I really need help deciding which is best. If you feel you know without needing more details, please advise!
Otherwise read on for my reasons these 3 sets are my final options, and some sub-questions!

This is my first foray into LCD, as I've had a CRT KD28DX40 for over 10 years now.
It's so reliable I can no longer wait for it to give me a reason to get a new TV and I'm upgrading to SKY HD as well.

The Sony is an award winner and the right size for us – a perfect place to start.
At this point an independent professional with nothing to gain had recommended the Panasonic D28 TVs as his personal choice so they went on my short list too.

I needed a proper viewing so I thought where better than the Sony Centre. It looked great, has all the connectivity I need (I really want iplayer, 4od etc) and is available from amazon for £530. It seemed like an easy decision.
But in-store was a motionflow demonstration. They had a 50Hz 403, a 100Hz 503 and a 200Hz model all showing the same subject matter, moving crowds, moving text, etc.

While the 100Hz looks a million miles better than 50Hz and perfectly acceptable, the smoothness of 200Hz made me want to reassess the situation.
So while in the Sony centre I added another model to my shortlist.
The 40HX803 (200Hz and LED) which can be bought online for £780.
Now this adds quite a lot to my original budget and my first question is, is it worth it for the extra £250?

Fortunately, in Leeds we have a Panasonic store right next to the Sony Centre, so I bobbed in there and – after teling them where I was at – was given a very good demonstration of both the 37" D28 and D25, which I understand are essentially the same TV.
Both 200Hz and LED backlit.
At this stage the Panasonic at £699 had become a more-than-capable, and cheaper alternative, to the HX803.
Second question, am I right?

Third question, is there a way I can watch iplayer/4od etc on the Panasonic by connecting it to my home network?

Finally, for value-for-money and my basic TV needs, does the EX503 still win out?
Am I making too much of 200Hz – and if I opted for the Panasonic because of it – would I be missing out on the built in On-demand service the Sony provides?

PHEW, any input will be gratefully received, I'm going round in circles here!!


Just realised the HX803 has 3D capabilities.
I was told in the Sony Centre but I'd forgotten, and the fact that it was £999 in there and I was still impressed enough to shortlist it
has got me leaning heavily towards it at £800.

Anyone got any positive or negative experiences with this set?
Obviously all this backlight talk has got me worried but the favourable WHS&V review has made me ultra-positive at this price.


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Apr 6, 2009
I was in the same position as you before Xmas and ended up buying the EX503 from John Lewis to get the five year warranty. Had a look at the Panny but didnt think it was any better. I had to have a 37" so didnt consider the HX803.

Picture is superb for Blu-ray and HD content on Freesat. Also SD doesn't look that bad as have it going through my amp which upscales it.


Thanks for your input. i've decided to sack the panasonic which leaves me with one final question:

At around £800-850, is it worth paying the extra £270-320 to upgrade to the HX803 over the EX503?


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Aug 26, 2010
The HX803 is going for £999 on John Lewis which is a good price, as for is it worth it over the 503, that's down you you really. Personally I'd opt for the HX803, but that's me!


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