Sony DVD recorder RDR HXD 870 multiregion hack


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Aug 10, 2019
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After endless frustration trying to buy this recorder from Pixmania using the incomparably awful Paypal I eventually had to get a friend in the UK to buy one in a shop for me ( I live in Saudi and he is bringing it back for me). I now find that almost all the internet sites such as webelectricals supply it as multiregion and I now find that I have paid £50 extra for one that is regionally coded. According to the shop (Hughes) no UK company can legally provide multi region players! So, how do the web suppliers do it, and can anyone advise me how to hack this DVD recorder, bearing in mind I will be in Saudi where this model is not available. I would be very grateful for help as I am just tearing my hair out at present.


You could try although technically this would void the manufacturer's warranty. Online retailers offer their own warranty for the first year when offering multiregion versions, I'm led to believe, but could be wrong on that...


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