Sony DAV-IS10 setup


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm a complete begginer to AV setups.

I've just bought a Sony KDL-40W2000 LCD television and the Sony DAV-IS10 Surround Sound kit, and I'm unsure about the best way to set the system up.

As I have Sky HD, I assume I take the HDMI from the SKY into the AV control unit. Then another HDMI from the AV to HDMI 1 on the television?

Is that it, or do i need optical digital cables etc?

Thanks for any help!



The AV doesnt have a HDMI in port.

Does that mean I have to set it up as follows:

SKY HD Picture via HDMI into HDMI 1 on Television
SKY HD Audio via Optical digital to AV control Unit.
AV Unit to TV Via HDMI to HDMI 2

How does that look?
Also, If I threw an XBOX 360 into the mix, does that mean I need a HDMI Switching box? Any idea how I'd benefit from the AV with the XBOX also?


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Absolutely correct, and yes you'd need an HDMI switching box if you also wanted to run an XBox 360 into the TV, with another switching box for optical digital audio, as this is what the XBox 360 outputs, and the Sony system has only one optical digital input.


Excellent - Thanks for the response.

Guess I'll have to go buy some switches then!
Thanks again.


I like the look of the is10, your review is great and it sounded good in the shop but I have a couple of worries about the IS10

  • Want to link ip a virgin+ box, xbox 360 (pre HDMI version), hd dvd/blu-ray via a computer with new LG duel drive and a wii
  • TV lilkely to be the new 40" Toshiba xf with 3 hdmi drives
  • Is way to do it to link all stuff into TV first: virgin+ and pc va HDMI, Xbox via component, wii not sure (S video?) then take sound out via optical digital to the is10 - plus I guess is10 direct via third hdmi to TV. If doing that way will I get sound via IS10 speakers for all sources inc freeview, xbox and computer? Would also the theatre sync work?
  • I see Is10 "only" upscales DVD to 1080i - should this worry me? Guess not.
  • I have spac in a cabinet behind the TV for the sub-woofer - a good idea or place 3ft to left of screen (only other real option)

Or am I trying to do too much. Any other suggestions welcome. Budget perhaps up to £750 for AV and (discrete) speakers.




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