Sony Bravia KDL40X3000 Humming - Anybody else suffering from this?


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Aug 10, 2019
I know it has been mentioned on forums before but I was curious how wide spread this was. I have had my TV for over two months now and only noticed the humming after about 3 weeks. Sometimes it seems louder than at other times but of late it seems pretty consistent and if you are watching something that is quiet and have no external noise factors like a noisy PS3 then you can hear this humming sound from the TV. I spoke to Sony but their customer service department had not heard about it. That did not surprise me. But when I got a number for Sony technical support the guy there had heard of the issue and said a firmware update was available. I was sceptical of this fixing it but went through one of their third party repair agents who took two visits to get this firmware updated. Sadly it made no difference. I scoured the internet about the issue and read that in Australia Sony had recognised this as a problem and were replacing the fan units. I spoke to Sony UK again and surprise, surprise they had not heard anything about it! As usual they said for me to log another call with one of their third parties. I tried another one this time and explained the issue and what needed to be done. I gave them 5 days in the hope when the engineer arrived he would be coming with the replacement fans. Not surprisingly he turned up with nothing and didn't even know what the call was about! Any way he went away to order the fan units for fitting at a later date. Currently I am still waiting to hear when these will be fitted and have no idea if this will fix the issue.


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Apr 10, 2008
Sony customer service at it's best

Sorry to hear about your problem but if it's any help all lcd's and plasma's do make a slight hum especially when the screen is bright. My 42" Pany plasma does it but it's only noticable if you stand right next to the tv with the sound off. With the sound on or stood a few feet away it's silent.

If you've only just noticed it after 3 weeks then I would suspect a faulty set. You could always try the shop where you bought it from and say you want it replaced, if you get no joy from Sony themselves.


Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I can hear my hum from about 6ft away. I will see what happens after the fans have been replaced if no joy then I will try for a replacement.


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