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Aug 10, 2019
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Forgive me if this question may have been asked before but I am moving house soon and have a bit of spare cash to splash out on expanding my current single bos Sonos into some more rooms. I know you can use Zonebridge for aireless, or hard wire etc but from anyones experience what is the difference in sound quality bewteen using the Sonos wireless network or alternatively hard wiring the individual zone players (Play 5 probably) in each room. Or am I making work for myself in contemplating filling the house with ethernet cable. If theres littlke difference I won't bother but just wondered if anyone has tried both and if they think there is much difference.

As far as I'm aware, Sonos is designed to be wireless. It has its own mesh network & does not use wifi. So hard wiring every component will not work. Because it has its own mesh network, there's no wifi interference, & so there's no drop in audio quality.


In which case you have probably saved me hours of pointless work hiding cables. Thinking about it too the Play 5's will be for "recreational" use in as much as muzak for bedroom, kitchen etc so I'm not actually looking for audiophile presentation so I'm happy with this suggestion. Thanks


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Dec 13, 2008
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:) I have just done this same thing, getting rid of most of my audio kit to go fully Sonos (still ripping all my cd's). Bigboss is correct, no need to wire the units, or get a bridge, just wire one of the units to your router, the system will do the rest. It works seemlessly and sounds great. One word of caution, if you move to a large house with other 'signals' all around you, then you can get interference and some drop out. We had this issue and I changed the wireless channel from 1 to 6 and alll is now well. I went for two p3's in two bedrooms and 2 P5's in two bedrooms because they are also portable and provide greater flexibility. I have used the one P5 in the garden, garage and whilst I was painting outside and it worked perfectly each time I plugged it in. On the subject of audiophile, I also have two zp90's, one into an older amp with a pair mission M70's the other into a DAC and Linn Classic with KEF floorstanders. With audio files in FLAC format the audio is excellent and does really excite and engage. Since selling all my kit i have forgotten my audiophile goals and am now really just into 'the joy of music' and listen to far more than I ever did, and I mean a lot. My wife and son similarly treat the system like a household Ipod and there's music on somewhere all the time (a perfect result!!!). One thing, it does get a bit mad when three of us play different music at the same time....... go to watch the volume levels. All the best with your Sonos install. :)


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