Question Small Stereo BT Integrated Amp for Harbeths

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Jun 12, 2013
19,270 seems odd trying to power my Harbeths with a small BT amp but let me explain...

I was perma-lent a pair of the original Harbeth 30's which I have been successfully driving with my aged yet passable Onkyo SR605 receiver/amp.
We recently bought a new TV and cabinet that the old TV was on had to go. Unfortunately that cabinet also housed the Onkyo, the DAC, the BluRay/CD player and the turntable. The new furniture that the TV sits on does not have any space for the audio components.
So I now need a small power amp to drive the Harbeths. I also need it to have inputs for the DAC and a Bluetooth receiver.
I'm trying to stay under $200 but if that's impossible I'll make a plan to go higher..possibly selling some units in the process. I'm not averse to buying used either.

I have done a lot of research especially on Audio Science Reviews and I was wondering if anyone here had some input as there is a lot of noise out there.

Thanks in advance for your time and input.


Ironically the Onkyo receiver you were using is a far better bet than most of the suggestions. Over 100 watts on each channel compared to the puny 30w of the Nad.
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