simple cinema, minimum wires! it must be a Yamaha !


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Aug 10, 2019
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Been doing home cinema systems in my various homes for years (dolby suround from VHS!)

with the dawn of 3D i went for an easier option, lets face it us savy with the setups of hi-fi and connectivity find it easy, my partner wouldn't have a clue and is happy if she gets any sound out my systems.

So a cinema system thats simple! mmmmm, sound bar i thinks, I liked the idea of a yamaha systems but to my research surprise it wasn't that more expensive to buy a TV stand with built in yamaha sound bar, i opted for the YRS1100 (£900 home av direct) as it seemed the same as the YRS2200 just smaller and cheaper. added sony BD s570 (£150 amazon) and a 50" pioneer 3D plasma(£1500 richer sound (price matched!)), 3 x hdmi 1.4 cables (yrs 1100 has audio return) and thats it! no satalite speakers and millions of wires for the missus to moan at, setup was fool proof and the works easily via the pioneer viera link. i also bought the air player for my iphone/pap so got all the music i'd ever need at my finger tips!

Like the Apple products this just works, simple and effectively and it all looks great, plus its wife n kids proof! :cheer:


harrisonray said:
50" pioneer 3D plasma(£1500 richer sound (price matched!))

Does this even exist?? You sure its not a Panasonic

Glad to hear you are happy with your setup! Make sure you upload some pics of your setup in the Members Gallery


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