Question Should I upgrade my B&W CC6 centre speaker?

Tony P

Mar 23, 2022
I’m not an expert on centre speakers, but I think that some information about the rest of your system might yield a more relevant answer. And your likely budget.

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Thanks for the reply
I have recently purchased a Denon AVR X2300 and a LG 48” OLED TV

My speaker setup is probably 12years old so want to slowly upgrade all the system but I currently have:-
B&W 601 s2 L/R
B&W CC6 centre
M&K K4’s for the surrounds
REL Q100E Subwoofer
Whalfdale diamond 9.1 front highs for atmos.
My living room is about 3m x 3m so really not that big so don’t need a mass of power just would like more clarity.

I was looking at klipsch c-52 but as I have heard good reviews but being American they are available but could probably get a better deal with other brands.
I was looking to spend around £300 - £400, then slowly upgrade the rest gradually.



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