Should I try new cables?

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Aug 21, 2009
MajorFubar said:
I fail to see why the subject of cables prompts such polarised high-octane opinions. If cable X sounds better to you than cable Y, then use cable X. It matters not one jot whether the difference is real, placebic, or indeed if every measurment and electrical test shows that actually Cable Y is the superior conductor. Of course it's subjective and personal, as is just about everything else in HiFi. It's the old case of if it sounds better to you, then it is. To the original poster: go borrow some cables from a decent dealer who will allow you to try them at home. If in your opinion they haven't improved the sound of your HiFi, hand them back. Simple as that really!

......if only! J) :)


To the original poster, if you want to try cables and you are in the USA it may be worth getting in touch the cable company: as for a start they offer a loan service within the USA and they can also offer advice as to what brand and model of cable would suit you're system. I think they also run a website called used cable: and at least on there you know the cables will be genuine and you will have some form of warranty.


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