Samsung's latest earnings report reveals solid sales for OLED, Neo QLED and XL TVs among lacklustre market demand


May 2, 2024
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Perhaps its problem is shunning Dolby Vision and throwing all its eggs into the HDR10+ rabbit hole. All other major TV manufacturers, the vast majority of content providers, and even the physical media community I'm a part of are all solidly in the DV camp. And it so happens that the two competitors eating Samsung's lunch in the TV market -- Hisense & TCL -- are the ones that have embraced multiple HDR technologies beyond regular HDR10 -- DV, HDR10+, HLG, even Advanced HDR by Technicolor (all but given up for dead, but my U.S. Hisense TV's ATSC 3.0 / NextGen TV tuner managed to stumble into it the other day along with DV) -- rather than buy into Samsung's self-destructive HDR format war. (Vizio is also multi-HDR but a U.S.-only brand; Walmart is more interested in the advertising side of its smart TV platform than HDR.) I still believe the biggest thing Samsung can do to revive its TV business across the board is cough up the reported <$3 in royalties per TV & finally adopt DV across its lineup.