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Review my system plan!


Dec 3, 2020
Hello all. New member here.

I am new to the HiFi world but have lots of experience with IEM's and headphones. I currently have some Stax kit and far too many high end IEM's. Early next year I will be looking to get a proper hifi system. Here is my proposed layout.


I am planning on using the Topping A90 as a pre-amp for the power amp. The SRD-7 is bypassed when using the speakers rather than Stax headphones so just ignore that. The Stax headphones take a high level feed through the SRD-7 which is why it is there. For the power amp, I will be looking for some vintage high end kit that has been recommended to me. Something like a Nakamichi PA-5 or similar. 100w per channel is what I may need for the Stax's.
Speakers - Lots of choice but I am looking at perhaps KEF LS50 Meta's or Revel Concerta2 MI6's but the issue I have is that the room is an odd shape. This will be going on a widebeam canal boat. This means the dimensions of the room are about 8mx3mx2m.
Not sure if a sub will be needed yet.

So if anyone has any comments, recommendations or ideas, please let me know!