Question Replace diaphragm B&W 685


Feb 3, 2022
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Hi, I have a pair of B&W 685 with the dust covers on tweeter pressed in. I found some video on Youtube on how to remove and replace the diaphragm and also found some replacements on Ebay that hopefully will fit. I've found replacements with impedance of both 4 ohm and 8 ohm, which one would fit these speakers?
I’m araid I can’t help you identify the tweeter spec, but I’d suggest the factory could if you give them a call. And most Tweeters don’t have dust covers - it’s the actual working part that gets pressed in (destroyed) by little fingers. You need to replace the whole unit on both, unless you’re extremely skilled.
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....and when you contact B&W Ragni, ask if they can give you a price for the tweeters.
I think you will find it to be way more for one, than that price for six on e-bay.
That might tell you something about the potential quality difference.

Is there no way you can carefully pull out the dents on yours? (Must be someone doing that on YouTube).