Rega Elex-r owners, Rega Elex-R volume control issue.....or maybe not?

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Nov 18, 2022
Well over the past 5 years I've had two elex r amplifiers, I bought one and loved it and ended up trading it for some very nice Klipsch speakers and then several years went by and ended up purchasing another, anyway with both of them they display the same behavior that you're talking about. For my personal taste I never found it to be an issue, however I could see it could be a problem for some. Personally I think it's the way that they implement the electronic signal to the motor of the potentiometer, versus the way you mention the way that the pot works.

If it were I, I don't really think I would have a problem with it I would simply make the choice to turn the volume by hand. If that's too inconvenient then I suppose I would try to learn to love the way that it works.

As others have mentioned it is a fantastic amplifier in every respect, and not worth getting rid of over something so simple. Because ultimately the sound quality that is realized by using it to far out weighs any minor annoyances of ergonomics.


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