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Rega Brio and head phone socket compared to Rega EAR


Aug 12, 2020
I've recently bought into Rega with the P3 (plus NEO PSU), Rega Brio and Apollo CD player.
I'm looking at eventually buying a good pair of headphones.
The Brio does feature a headphone connection, but my local Rega dealer has one last Rega EAR pre-amp in stock.
Apparently REGA no longer make this article.
Is it necessary to have the EAR for the Brio amp? is my question.....My dealer seemed to think it would be a good idea.....
Thanks in advance for any comments ;-)

Al ears

Sounds to me like he is desperate to get rid of it.
Unless the headphone section in the Brio is really dire, which I very much doubt, why would you need anything else
The EAR only makes sense if you intend to get headphones that may be tricky to drive.
However, as it is designed specifically for one purpose, it should produce better results than the Brio but is it £200 better ........ ?