Recommended speakers?


Dec 13, 2019
A while ago I purchased a Sonos AMP ( the new one 2x 125W at ohm) and paired it with my old Bowers & Wilkins 601 s2. The problem is that the room where it will be placed is 45M2, and half the room is open plan into the rest of the house, all the walls is of stone material.
Needless to say that the setup with Sonos amp and the B&W speakers doesn’t quite cut it for that large room.

So I´ve changed the Sonos AMP to a Sonos Port (I love Sonos ecosystem and have Sonos in the rest of the house), also added an amplifier XTZ EDGE A2- 300 (and have the possibility to add one more XTZ EDGE A2- 300)

What speakers do you recommend?
I´m not after loud speakers, more big soundstage and deep sound (If that make sense)

Also of no fault of my own, the speakers has to be located in the corners of the room (maximum approximate 0,5m from the wall?
I don’t know the capabilities of the amplifier, but I’d look at KEF R Series or Amphion. Both come with bung options for their rear ports, and both manufacturers are less affected by nearby walls causing harsh upper mid/high-frequency reflections. Alternatively, Larsen speakers are designed to be used up against a wall, which could save you some more floor space.


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Oct 30, 2019
There aren't many conventional HiFi speakers that I'd want near room corners. The reason is this: in the upper midrange (where the tweeters come in), the sound is being thrown sideways as much as forwards.
The near reflections will introduce problems for your soundstage.

The way I tackled this was to build my own speakers, featuring an 8" midbass driver and a horn loaded tweeter. By having the horn cover most of the critical midrange and all the way up into the treble, I keep most of the sound energy away from the walls. Horns tend to "focus" the sound, allowing you to direct where it should and should not go.

Now, I get that building your own speakers isn't for everyone. I took inspiration from JBL's 708 studio monitors. They're a very sensible design in my opinion, and I actually expect they would do very well for you.

Of course, other speakers are available. In your position, I'd be looking for something with controlled directivity (horns) for most of the frequency range.

Hope that's useful.