Recommended av receiver/speaker system?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey all,

Got a Samsung LE37R88BD TV being delivered this weekend, also ordered a Toshiba SD370 DVD player. I am looking to complete my little home cinema system with an av receiver and speaker package. My budget will stretch as far as £250 but the cheaper the better, while still being decent quality of course.

It will need to be able to handle input from my DVD player, PC, Wii and Virgin Media cable box.

So...any suggestions?



Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Russ,

We reviewed a neat Yamaha set-up (the £250 Yamaha AV59) earlier this year that would've been ideal for you - essentially a 'proper' Yamaha AV reciever and a little sub/sat speaker package, allowing you to upgrade the speakers at a later date.

However, it's just been discontinued. You could still get a deal on it, maybe, or look out for Yamaha's new replacement - the AV61 - which looks to be a similar set-up for the same money. We haven't tested it yet, however.

The advantage of this Yamaha system - as opposed to a more mass-market home cinema package - is that the receiver will more easily cope with all the devices you want to run through it.

Another option is to look for a second-hand deal on a decent receiver (Denon, Yamaha etc - our Buyer''s Guide lists all the best) and speaker package (something like the KEF KHT1005, perhaps) to suit your budget.


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