Recommendations please: new Marantz cd player.


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Aug 10, 2019
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My current CD5000 is holding my system back, and I'd very much like to upgrade it. I love my PM17 and the obvious match seems to be a CD17, I am wondering if I can do better though.

I have about 300 pounds to spend, and I have my mind set on a Marantz cd player. I've spotted CD17KI's on online marketplaces, but some people are willing to ask hefty sums for them. Is there a newer Marantz CD player that can match it's performance, a SA7001 KI for instance?

The sound I'm after: I like a sweet and lush sound, and would like to have a player with a big soundstage and good stereoimaging/depth. I'd like a unit with a detachable powercord, just yesterday I upgraded the standard powercord on my PM17 to a Supra LoRad 2.5 and it made a pretty big difference.

Any worthwile recommendations? Greatly appreciated!


Bumpity bump, surely there must be some love for Marantz cd-players!


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