Receiver upgrade pioneer sc-lx87-anthem mrx710 or marantz sr7008?

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Jul 22, 2009

Hereby my experience with my new receiver.
I was looking for an upgrade to my NAD T773.
Didn’t listen to the Pioneer or Yamaha but I am convinced they would be a good upgrade also. Like to listen to music and love to watch movies. The NAD gives 140 Watt in stereo (8 ohm) and weights weight 24 KG. The Anthem is 14 KG and 120W in 2 channel stereo. So I was a little bit afraid that there wasn’t enough power. The reseller installed the receiver and after moving a little bit with furniture and running ARC the fun began. In stereo I don’t miss any power there is plenty. Listening to cd’s I know well the clarity and open sound was new for me. The sub integrates perfect.
The surround sound in movies is great too. Voices are clear and the surround effects adding a lot of fun to the movies.
For me replacing the NAD by the Anthem is indeed an upgrade.



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