How To Rebuilding a home Hifi for new tech

Feb 20, 2021
With the kids now older, I wanted to re-setup my home Hi Fi, and incorporate any new tech that's useful. There is so much info out there that it becomes confusing, so I wanted to ask the real experts here for their views. So here's the key points
1. Relatively open budget including high end if it makes sense
2. Nothing existing. Will be purchasing everything from scratch
3. Key inputs will be a CD player, new Xbox, PC/laptop, streaming device, satellite/cable TV, turntable and blu-ray (with or without xbox)
4. Streaming music to other rooms
5. New TV
6. Cannot hard cable into the walls (i'm renting) so way over the top speakers configurations probably not possible.
7. Needs to be simple enough that my partner/kids can use a remote to switch inputs.

Where do I start with this?
Do I build around a AVR, or do i look to recommended separates first and then find a great AVR to match?

I am a Denon AVR guy historically but I wanted to keep my options open.

I have been out of the audio scene since the Denon 4520 AVR, currently just using a sound bar to a TV with a input box to do the switching. All old gear, and will be junked once the new set up is completed. A lot to listen too....


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May 8, 2020
I recall, from a month ago, this:
Take a look, has many hyperlinks within it for further thought.

Also recalling:

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Sounds like you would be the perfect customer for a naim uniti star just pick poison in regards to speakers . All the digital inputs you can shake a stick at streaming and plenty of power on tap. Even an hdmi port for arc functionality all under one roof. Give it a listen and see what you think. They also have smaller devices that you plonk around the home.

You have other options from the likes of moon which I found sounded better but lack cd play back if I remember correctly. And the multi room thing. Though little Sonos play ones would do the trick for that tbh.

If you wanted to go the avr route all pretty much the same 10 years ago with different processing options there all very good.
if music is more important to you, anthem is where is where I’d start. But multi room maybe denon and heos.( think that’s how it spelt).
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