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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello I am looking for some ceiling mounted speakers for my living and dining room. I am getting confused with the various brands and qualities. Obviously it will never sound as good as a traditional boxed speaker, but at least it should not sound tinny. I have been advised about the KEF Ci200, B&W, Sonance and speakercraft range. Most are just 2 way speakers. I believe that some have a 3 way ceiling mounted speaker. Does anyone have an report or test on these types of speakers. I am looking at spending about GBP 250 per speaker (or 500 per pair). All in all, I shall need about 8 speakers. Many thanks for your help. Best rgds Navin


Good question!

I've been wondering about the quality one can expect from in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. A fair number of respectable brands have them nowadays.
I've been thinking about complementing my front and center Monitor Audio Gold Reference speakers (MA has now replaced these with the Gold Signature series) with a couple of GR (or GS) in-wall rears...

Can we have a test/article? Please, please, please? :)


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