Questions on Onkyo 875 picture scaler


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Aug 10, 2019
I have read good things about the HQV Reon scaler (apparently better than Fouradja).

I have 2 questions:

1) Would the scaler in the Onkyo be better than using the scaler in a PS3? I am thinking of buying an averaged priced DVD player and feeding the component into the Onkyo so it can do the processing for me.

2) I heard that 4:3 standard def material when scaled - stretches to 16:9. This could be an issue for me because my intention was to feed the poor quality standard def analog TV signal into the Onkyo to scale it so I can watch an improved image in its native 4:3 form (don't like zooming or stretching the image to fit the full screen as it usually looks terrrible).

Thanks in advance for your help.


1) Yes

2) Standard definition TV upscaled to 1080p looks pretty good on my TV. Wouldn't dream of watching it at 4:3

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
1) Yes - very much so.

2) Yes - but a single click on the format button on your TV or projector remote restores it to 4:3, with no zoom/crop.


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Aug 17, 2007
Just as a quick question relating to this as i have just bought an 875 - with the output from my Topfield 5810 should i set this to the lowest setting 576p and let the 875 do all the processing - or 720p and let the Onkyo just do the last bit or doesn't it matter? same i guess with the ps3 and toshiba hdep35 for standard dvds? If i send a 1080p signal to the amp will it just bypass the original image or will it send that through the inbuilt scaler aswell? With thanks


Hi, so the Reon processor is better than the ps3. Do you know if it is better than my Toshiba Hd-xe1 as I thought that this had a Reon procesor too but can't be sure. I tried to see the diff between them both by letting one scale then the other but i found it hard to notice much difference?(would be easier if i had two of the same player and two of the same tellies). Cheers


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