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Q Aqoustics 3050i vs Wharfedale Diamond 11.4


Jun 9, 2020
Hello guys!

Wanted an expert's advice in regards to this tough decision. Both models can be bought now at about the same price here. Have listened to them and liked them both. Main difference for me is that in Q Aqoustics bass is more and are more dynamic but Wharefedales' highs are more detailed. How do you compare them? Which one is the better bang for the buck? What is their resale value after 2-3 years? Thanks in advance!
P.S. And if you can leave your comment about Polk Audio Signature S55 it will be of a great help /also close to the above models' price here/.
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Al ears

I think nobody has responded because they cannot actually answer your questions.
You have heard these speakers so it's your decision. Regards bangs for bucks, again only you can decide that
Resale value is impossible to predict as they haven't been around for 2-3 years.
Are you in the U.S.? Only asking as there are not many Polk Audio dealers in the UK so I doubt many forum members will have heard the S55
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Apr 30, 2012
Why would you purchase something with resale value in mind - especially at this budget?

Also, what's the rest of your system, room size and music tastes? Synergy is very important - for instance, I don't like that Q Acoustics speaker with Marantz, find it too bright.