Q acoustics q-tv2 £49.99 inc delivery


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May 23, 2010
Was looking for a soundbar and found this


Works out 85% off with free next day delivery. Big improvement over my tv sound if slightly bright and the bass is a bit one-dimensional but that’s quibbling, it’s a bargain at this price I think. Took about 10 minutes to fit and very inconspicuous. Wife has now been in the room for 30 minutes and hasn’t noticed yet!


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You did well to find that. Whether or not we think the original asking price was realistic, that sale price makes it a real bargain.

Just what a brother of mine could do with, but he's got a 50 inch - they tell you the model number for the bigger version, but don't seem to stock it. I'm thinking that the smaller one wouldn't be beyond a bit of modification though!


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chelstondave said:
I can’t see it being easily adjusted to anything larger sadly
Watching that video, I can see how 42" is its maximum designed width.

But I'm a resourceful, ridiculously patient, determined (stubborn) git. Once I decide something's worthy of modification, then come what may, it gets modified.

In this case, it's probably not worth the effort (and I doubt bruv would be up for spending even 50 quid!)

Glad you got a useful bargain though.



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