Problems with Panasonic DMP-BD50 connecting to Pioneer PDP-436XDE Plasma


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Aug 10, 2019
I need help, please?!

My Pioneer plasma has the separate media unit. I've just bitten the bullet and bought the BD Player and connected it up to Input 3 HDMI at 1080i via a Chord Company 1.3 Silver Plus HDMI cable and I've got a problem. After just a few seconds the picture goes off the Plasma, causing the BD player to reset, hence won't do anything either with a disk in or just accessing, say, the setup menu.

Having disconnected everything, turned off HDMI Video and connected to Input 5 with a composite cable the same happens. It's as if the player is tring to do something, fails and then resets.

1) Is there a compatibility issue between the very new BD50 and the three-year old Pioneer?
2) Are there any known setup issues?
3) Does anybody have any recommended settings for both the Plasma and the BD player?

The unit worked fine for 1 month then it started to fail. Just to annoy me further there is a Sony KDL-32P3020 in another room which works fine but as it's in my son's room it's no good for me!

Please help?!


try connecting to hdmi input 4 and set the panasonic video display to automatic and set 24fps on also if using hdmi 3 you have to select hdmi on in menu settings not like input 4 on plasma,hope this helps.


No worries I've located the problem. After a deep breath, a night's sleep and some detective work I worked out what was different between my Pioneer and my son's Sony (which worked fine). Turns out it was the ethernet connection!

Once this was unplugged everything worked fine so it would seem that it was the failure to connect to my router via the ethernet connection that was causing the player to refresh and therefore the plasma to blank. I've turned off the automatic firmware upgrade option so when you turn the player on it no longer trys to connect to the ethernet and therefore doesn't fail and cause the reset. Now to try and connect the ethernet back ... perhaps when I'm more brave!

Off to try the 1080p 24p option as Pioneer tell me that will work...


piopaul - many thanks for the instructions. I didn't need to move to Input 4 which is my Sky+HD input but stayed with Input 3 but I did set the video out to 'auto' and 24 fps to 'on' as you suggested and that worked a treat. I now have 1080p / 24p on my screen and I'm well made up! Thanks again.


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