Problem with using ARCAM A49 in Processor (AV Bypass) mode


Nov 12, 2019
Does anyone use an A49 with an ARCAM AVR in processor mode?

I recently purchased an A49 and AVR390 with such a plan. But after my purchase, ARCAM support told me that earlier version of A49 has a bug with its processor mode:

- Set an input to processor mode and assign a trim level (e.g AV and 72 which is the value to level my speakers)
- Use the A49 in AV (i.e. processor mode)
- Switch to standby
- Switch out of standby (unit will power up on Processor Mode)
- Now switch to another input (CD for instance), the volume will be 72 instead of its normal listening volume of 30.

That means in case I watch a movie and switch off A49, if I turn it on again to play CD, I must remember to turn down the volume or my speakers will be burnt instantly.

Worse still, I found that even if I do remember to turn down the volume before switching on my CDP, loud intermittent pops will come out of the speakers as I am turning down the volume.

So I run a serious risk of damaging my speakers with this bug. I could even have burnt my speakers already on the first day if I did not approach ARCAM support to question the HT setup process!

ARCAM support has been patient in answering my questions but they are unwilling to exchange a proper A49. They only offer to explore with the distributor if they can service the A49 I was sold, opening it up, plugging some header with a PC to update the software.

I found this totally unacceptable. No customer is expected to buy an amp (let alone the top model that they claim to be the best) and be told afterwards that it must be opened up and serviced.

ARCAM knows of this problem all along. They don't tell if you don't ask.

My last ARCAM AVR was faulty on arrival as well and almost burnt my subwoofer!!
For the record, I admire the sound of ARCAM and bought quite a few gears over the years. But it's so difficult to get something that work smoothly so I can sit back and relax.
The distributor also just told me they have no more new stock and can only offer to fix my newly purchased unit.
Does anyone have any experience?


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