Problem with DTS or Dolby Digital ouput - Need Help

Doc Brown

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Jul 30, 2008
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I have a PS3 attached via HDMI to an Onkyo 606. For some reason I cannot get any DTS or Dolby Dig output, only linear 5.1 PCM.

The PS3 is set up so that it outputs DTS and DD. I have selected DTS on the DVD menu.

When I force the 606 to output DTS, it says that there is no DTS input an no sound is generated.

Anybody got any ideas? They would be very appreciated!


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Dec 28, 2007
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Have you got the PS3 output set to Bitstream (under BD / DVD Settings > BD / DVD Audio Output Format (HDMI)? This needs to be set to Bitstream to output normal Dolby Digital / DTS 5.1 for decoding by the amp. If you're watching a Blu-Ray and want one of the hi-def audio formats, then this should be set to Linear PCM so the formats are decoded internally and sent as LPCM to the amp - you have to manually change it between each one unfortunately.