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Primare i32

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May 3, 2010
stevebrock said:
Macspur said:
Fair enough, but if there's anyone else out there looking for a top quality amp, DAC inclusive, I urge you to take a look at

the Accuphase E212 currently on sale at Midland Audio for an absolute bargain... it will make someone very happy.


Thanks for the heads up - I just want to listen to some music for a bit without worrying about the next Elicit going wrong!

I will demo some amps at home to see if anything that I like!
I fully understand Steve and I'm sure I'd feel the same if I'd been through what you have. It's just that amps of this calibre don't come up very often.


www.macsmusic.blogbubble.net and I couldn't wait to share it with you!



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Aug 17, 2007
stevebrock said:
Amp on hold PP

Got a Brio R at home now, everything sounds really nice - system matching at its best now.

I really can't stomach demoing amps at the min, just gonna enjoy some music for a few months.

I dont really want to spend that much on an amp if I'm honest - £1598 on the Elciit R was way over budget - it has left me somewhat dissapointed.

Happy now with the Brio R.

Like the sound of the Exposure 2010s if Im honest - it comes in black too
That is good to hear. After all, the reason we have these systems is to enjoy the music!

I do however sometimes wonder about upgrading. But I know I will need to spend time finding something right, especially as I will have to spend a lot to get a significant upgrade. What stops me is I still get really drawn in to what I''m listening to, stopping read etc just to listen. Having added the DAC to the Touch (rarely use the cd now) and upgraded the cart together with the phono stage I am really happy with the sound I have, everything works so well together. I have two thoughts. Firstly, if it's this good now how amazing would it be if I upgraded. Then I think, I might not be happy with the upgrade, better off spending the money on more vinyl and the odd cd knowing full well I will enjoy them.