Pre to power amp interconnect


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Aug 24, 2007
I'm currently using a 17 year old Furukawa interconnect between my pre and power amps. Would I benefit from buying a new one. The original retailed at about £100 I think. Any suggestions welcome as I'll ask for one for my birthday (within reason). Or would I be better getting a better mains conditioner as the one I have again is quite cheap, a Tacima something or other CS929 or whatever? What it all boils down to is trying to get the maximum out of my kit, and these ancilliaries will last for quite a while so will be a good investment at about 50p per week over 5 years.


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Jul 20, 2007
Personally if the Tacima improved your systems sound and you could get someone to stretch to it, consider an Isol-8/Isotek Minisub, they go for about £200 on eBay. It was the best change I made to my system and my friend was so impressed with it when he was using it in my abscence, that he has just got his wife to pay 1/2 the cost of one on eBay as his birthday present.

Interconnect wise, consider borrowing a selection from a dealer, If you find one that you think improves the sound then buy it if you think it is worth the money. I wouldn't replace a £100 interconnect with another £100 interconnect as I don't think it's a step up, more a move sideways.
I am considered by my friend to have a "cable fetish". Started with QED something, then Precious Metals Coppertech Alpha, Roksan HDC 02, Merlin Chopin, Linn Black (came with Kit), Black Rhodium something or other, Now using a mix of Kimber Silver Streaks and Atlas Voyager All Cu in my Hi-Fi,-I'm very happy with my systems sound with this lot. Rokasan and Precious Metals have been relegated to use between DVD player/ Video and Hi-Fi.


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