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Aug 10, 2019
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I have got a new Chord Anthem 2 interconnect (XLR) to replace my Van Den Hul D - 102 MK III HYBRID.

There are improvements as my system sound more spacious, has a better bass and generally more detail.

However I find that the new cable seem to be a bit out of control when compare to the old one, this is especially obvious when I listen to rock. Whenever the music gets complex I feel that the Anthem doesn't sound as organized as the Van Den Hul. Is it because the new cable is not fully burned in, but I had played it for about 2 months now.
I though that XLR should sound better than phono.
Is anything I can do to get a more organized sound? Shall I change a cable or switch back to phono interconnect?Please Help.

My system are as follow:

Primare CD 31 cd player

Primare I30 amp

Epos M12.2 speakers

Chord Co Carnival Sl Plus speaker cable


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Jan 2, 2008
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Ah, an interconnect question. I hope you're made out of asbestos...

First, the science: The main virtue of a balanced connection is improved immunity against interference and so, in this respect, you can expect a 'better' sound - the noise-floor should be much lower.

Now for the voodoo: It is conceivable that you might hear a difference between Chord and Van den Hul. I switched from VdH 'The Source' to the more expensive Chorus (both phono interconnects) and found much the same improvement as you describe, at the expense of ultimate control. I wouldn't say the Chords are wayward though, just a bit more exciting. Anyway, that's as far as my ears are concerned. As far as I can see you've given the Chords two months now, if you preferred the sound of your system with the Van den Huls then switch back. And perhaps see a local dealer about loaning you a pair of balanced D-102s, or even The Firsts, and see how you get on with them.

Right, that's Pandora's box unlatched, I suggest we run as fast as we can.


I often find that XLRs sound worse than RCAs, despite the fact they should be better on paper. However, there are differences between cables anyway and you would need to try RCA v RCA or XLR v XLR with the different cables and XLR v RCA with the same type of cable to find out what exactly is causing the differences.


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