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Jul 20, 2007
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I bought the Playstation Move at the weekend, because the hardware and the games are going dirt cheap (£35 for the Move and one controller and most games for less than a tenner each).

It's absolutely brilliant. It's what the Wii should have been. And then some. It picks up every little movement that you make in 1:1, with no lag at all. I bought a few games with the console and two of them are genius. They are John Daly's Powerstroke golf, which is the most realistic golf sim i've ever played. Although the graphics aren't great, the swing mechanics are spot on. It shows how lazy EA have been by not getting it right for Tiger Woods.

The second game is Sports Champions and I just love it. It's the Move's version of Wii sports, but it is leagues above it in every way. The Move game has the fun to play aspect of the Wii game, but it also has the added bonus of being so realistic that it's uncanny. Oh and the graphics are pretty good, too. The complete star of the game is table tennis which is EXACTLY like the real thing. You want to do a backhand slice? you can do it. you want to do a topspin smash with a bit of sidespin? You can do that too! You want to chop down on the ball for a drop shot? Yep, that too. You get the idea
Bocce (boules, by another name) is also brilliant and really addictive.

What is a shame is that the Move is pretty much a failed technology, which is why the prices have dropped so drastically. There aren't many games out for it and after hunting about on the web, it doesn't look like there are many in the pipeline. I don't get it. This system is massively superior to Xbox's kinect, which i've played and suffers from lag and isn't that sensitive, but for some reason the Move isn't selling. I hope Sony manage to turn it around.

Even if they don't, I think the system, at the price it is now, is worth getting just for John Daley and Sports Champions.


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Dec 28, 2007
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Got a couple of Move kits along with Sports Champions last Christmas - it was a lot of fun and we used it for a couple of parties, but I have to admit it's not seen the light of day since. Much like the Wii, I think these things are a bit of a novelty and soon are left gathering dust (unfortunately). I'm sure it'll see some more use as winter party season begins again, but that's about it.


hmm bought mine on impulse and haven't opened the box yet. Maybe I should set it up and give it a whirl


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Oct 1, 2010
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yes, unfortunatley these motion control gadgets seem fun and the best thing since sliced bread for a week or two but after that you get bored of the gimmick and go back to playing proper games using your dualchock 3, sorry to be so harsh.


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