Pioneer LX5090 buzz coming from set

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I copied the below from the Pioneer support web site, and changing the setting to "energy save 2" reduced the buzzing on my set which I must say I only realy notice if the audio is muted.

What is the noise that I hear coming from my plasma screen?

What you hear is the panel buzzing noise or electrical circuit humming which is referred to as 'drive sound'.

A plasma screen is composed of extremely fine pixels which emit light according to received video signals. As part of the light emitting process, a huge number of pixels are discharged, which is what causes the buzzing sound.

You can reduce drive sound by:

  • Go to HOME MENU - POWER CONTROL, then press Energy Save mode 1 or change drive mode from via HOME MENU - OPTION - from 75Hz to 100Hz.
  • For G9 plasma TVs, go to HOME MENU - POWER CONTROL - ENERGY SAVE and press Energy Save mode1 or mode 2.


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