Pioneer 508XD or Samsung LE52F96


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Aug 10, 2019
A few months ago I read the review in this magazine on the new Samsung LE52F96BD (LCD Screen) and you pitched it up against the FULL HD Pioneer LX508. The outcome of course was that although the Samsung was still very good it was still behind the Pioneer. At the weekend I was looking at the Pioneers but the LX508 is just out of my price range but was drawn to the 508XD.

Does anyone have an opinion on how the Samsung would compare to the Pioneer 508XD as they are at similair (and more bank account friendly) prices ???

Also what is the differance between the Pioneer 508XD and 5080XD ??? Can anyone advise.


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Dec 5, 2007
Despite being 'only HD-Ready', the 508XD is still much better than the Samsung for overall picture quality. In fact, it's better than any LCD of that size. The only area in which the Samsung comes close is when it comes to 1080p HD playback eg. Blu-Ray. Of course, this is dependent on your viewing distance. Even then, the Pioneer edged it with its brilliant colour reproduction and black levels. In every other department it's not even close. The picture processing in the Pioneers is the best around and SD looks brilliant. There are a few differences between the 508XD and the 5080XD. The main one is that the 508XD can be ISF (International Science Foundation) calibrated by a certified engineer. For a fee, they'll come around to your place and tweak the TV using special menus to give you the best possible settings for each source taking into account factors such as ambient lighting. Also the 5080XD lacks features such as PIP, a USB port and a subwoofer out that the 508XD has. On the plus side 5080XD does usually come bundled with the undermount speaker and pedestal stand. However, if you already own a decent sound system, I'd go for the 508. At 50" forget about LCDs. If you're looking for cheaper alternatives to the Pioneer, check out the top of the range Plasmas from Panasonic and Samsung. Also bear in mind that Pioneer will be launching their 9th generation screens from June. It may have an effect on the prices of the current generation.


Thanks for the information Fellas, guess that settles it then. Pioneer it will be.


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