Panasonic v10 plasma & Xbox 360 = NO 1080p Output! Please help

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Dec 28, 2007
I'm guessing you mean why upgrade the PS3 hard drive? Very simply, so it's bigger...

Seriously though, some people download a lot of games / videos and need the extra space for this, others like to keep music and photos on their PS3 so it allows more of this. Also, if you have the PlayTV unit, it's pretty much essential to ensure you can store a reasonable amount of recorded TV on it.


tvspecv:it depends on the game you play. PS3 accepts 1080p but when a game starts it will go down to 720p unless the game supports full 1080p. i dont think its cable related.

ok last time now THERE IS NO SOFTWARE AVAILABLE FOR EITHER XBOX360 OR PS3 THAT IS 1080P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do wish people would check the facts before making sweeping statements like this.

As I stated there may not be many games that are encoded at a native 1080p resolution but they do exist on both 360 and PS3, with the PS3 actually making the job of defining the games native resolution far more simple than on the 360.

When you start up a PS3 on a 1080p pannel it will be displaying @1080p 50htz, when you launch a game it will then display the game at its native resolution generally being 720p.

PS3 games with a native 1080p resolution include,Virtua Tennis, Ghostbusters, Wipeout HD, Ridge Racer 7 and Garn Turismo 5 Prologue. I have allready stated 360 games in a previous post.

To quote Sony "Gran Turismo 5: Prologue runs in stunning High Definition at 1080p (race: 1080p-60fps, replay: 1080p-30fps)."

ok so it seems i am wrong.

while i was surfing the web the other night looking for facts about 1080p games i came across a thread that directed me to display settings on ps3.

i unticked 720p and 1080i

and what would you know cod 4 now displays in 1080p

think this is upscaled though .

then i put battle field 1943 on and that dropped to 576p i think

and looked horrible so its a matter of if the game says 1080p on the box you have to play with the settings.

is this still the case for native 1080p games prof?

any way ive been playing cod4 at 1080p since i found out.

sorry again i was WRONG!


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Nov 20, 2008
What about Gran Turismo 5?

All of this is rendered in stunning High Definition at 1080p at 60 fps for the most lifelike driving experience ever (from the official site).


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Jun 28, 2007
michael hoy:


I stand corrected, should have RTFM a little closer, my Sony only inputs 1080i via component.

It was a easy mistake to think it was the 360 as you would presume that a FULL HD TV would accept a 1080p signal via any of its inputs but as many have found out this is not allways the case.


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