Panasonic BTT775 External Hard Drive Mapping Issue


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Aug 10, 2019
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I recently bought the BTT775 and I have connected an external hard drive via usb 2.0. The problem I am having is that although the system 'sees' all the folders within the hard drive, only a few of them are highlighted and able to be accessed. Not sure if it is of any consequence, but the hard drive is formatted as Fat32.

I have tried speaking with Panasonic about this on their own website, but unfortunately they don't have a forum function or chat support where people can ask these questions.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Cash1981,

I am having similar issues with my new Panasonic 310 Blu Ray machine. Its a great machine, but i want to be able to copy some DVD disc's on to the USB hard drive. After talking with Panasonic Support, the machine will only 'play' AVCHD format files.

I am now struggling to find some software to copy or rip the DVD disc into this format. I usually use DVD Fab, but beleive that this only rips into AVCHD Disc format and not to FILES which i need.

Fat32 is fine and is the only format that will be recognised.

Best Garry Childs