Pace Recall


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm really fed up with this recall. I was told that I would get another Pace box but they installed a Thompson. The disc drive was noisey and it ticked like a grandfather clock.

They leave you with a "30 day helpline" number that is impossible to get through on so I spent a considerable amount of time phoning Sky's "08" numbers. They came out today to fit a replacement which turned out to be another Thompson recon and that only managed to generate green lines so he went to get another out of the van. It has the noisey fan that What HiFi warned against with the pre-Pace boxes.

The engineeer said that the only box they have no problems with are the Samsung and they are being used for all new installations. It irritates me that they have removed a perfectly good Pace box which was nearly brand new (because of a "potential" problem) and replaced it with remanufactured junk.

Apparently if they contact you to replace your box and you refuse to accept a recon they will fit new but you have to negotiate at the time of the call.


After four Thomson remanufactured receivers the matter seem to be resolved. The contractors got fed up and fitted a brand new Amstrad box. I must admit that I've always considered them cheap and cheerful but this so far is just as refined as the Pace box was.

Gone is the loud crackle when you went from the EPG or fast forward to play, Gone is the pixelating and hanging for no apparent reason. My advice is that if if you are contacted for a recall to establish what you will accept beforehand.