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the record spot

Clare Newsome said:
John Duncan said:
I'm already seeing benefits in terms of ability to differentiate higher resolution content

Psh! I hope you've run multiple ABX tests to be certain...

LOL - killer!


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Jul 14, 2010
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It's good to hear that you're enjoying your new system and it's an improvement over the Naim Uniti.

I bet those DB1 speakers really appreciate the extra power that the 75wpc Cambridge Audio amp has over the Naim's 50wpc. PMC recently upgraded their own DB1 amplifier modules too.

"This unit ups the power from the previous module’s output of 100W to 200W and radically reduces distortion producing a significantly cleaner, faster more neutral presentation across the full bandwidth."

John Duncan

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@RGD: No, since it was mine; more the livingroom police - "how many pieces of hifi do you need exactly, and which can you exchange for shoes and handbags?". I have still not resolved 'Diamond-9.1s-behind-the-sofa-gate'.

@Chebby: Yes. There is a CA rep somewhere with their arm bitten off.

@Steve: I think you misjudge the size of the effect power can have, certainly in some circumstances (eg mine). Despite expectations in some quarters to the contrary, the Uniti has the edge in terms of treble refinement (the area where distortion is supposed to be most obvious, I think) over the Cambridge. The Cambridge, however, does better in imaging and bass extension (subjectively) and - crucially, and the reason for getting it - allows me to control amp volume from the iPad app and, well, looks really cool as a matching set in the rack :-D


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Jan 8, 2011
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steve_1979 said:
I always liked the Uniti and UnitiQute, at low volumes they both sound rather good IMO. Their styling looks very smart too.

The Naim look is not growing on me at all. Not on Cyrus or Chord levels, but still not something I'd want to see every day.


Hello John Duncan.

I'm looking for a network streamer with lots of space and a warm sound without any harsh sound. Is the Cambridge Stream Magic 6 that sort of network stremer, and how does it compare to Pioneer N-50?

Do You have any idea of, when it will be reviewed by What Hifi.


Bo, Denmark


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