Onkyo pink/green lines


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi my Onky tx-nr905 which has worked fault free for over 3 years is sometimes displaying pink and green line on the tv screen, the Onkyo logo and menu still displays when switched on.

from various forums i have looked on it would appear that the HDMI board is failing, and genserve have quoted an approx cost of £500.

Has any one else experanced this and has any one been able to repair for a reasonable cost.

Im quite handy with a soldering iron so if some one can piont me in the right direction i would be willing to attempt a repair myself.



I had exactly the same problem with the same receiver. Me too it was after 3 years.

At first I thought the receiver was overheating. I disconnected the power for an hour or two and then it worked. But over time it got worse and worse to the point where I just bought a new receiver. I live in Hong Kong so I don't know how much they would charge to fix the HDMI board but I figured it would cost at least US$200-300.

Once I read the reviews on the Pioneer LX55 I bought it and so far pretty happy with it. Doesn't have the same power as the Onkyo but the sound is still very good and it has 7 HDMI inputs and a lot more connectivity options with Apple devices and for integrating with my NAS. And in Hong Kong it was selling for US$930 so I just went for that instead.

Now I am not sure what to do with the Onkyo. Not sure its worth anything now that the HDMI board is toast.


Hi Big chris, when you say "processor" what exactly do you mean ? and what would you recomend ?


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