Question One Turntable into Two Headphone Amps


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Oct 13, 2014
Hi there,

I am moving into a new place with my girlfriend soon, and I was considering a housewarming gift or two for ourselves! Right now, I have a Rega RP-3 turntable, a Cambridge Audio 551P Phono Preamp, and a pair of Audioengine 5+ speakers. I would like to setup the turntable so that both my girlfriend and I can listen on headphones at the same time (and can control volumes independently). What do you think is the most efficient way to accomplish this without sacrificing audio quality? I am a guitar player, and not a hifi expert haha. I would also like to get something with tubes!

Should I think about getting a different tube phono preamp, or should I think about adding tube headphone amp(s) to the existing Cambridge Audio Phono Preamp? Should I do something like the method on this link below - where I have a cheaper 4 channel headphone amp to split the audio and then connect 2 tube headphone amps to the two channels to help the sound quality (I was thinking like a MP-301 MK3)?


Is that redundant/too many amps in a row? Is there another way to split the audio? I've read mixed things on using split boxes and Y cables for this purpose...

Also, is there a way that this can all be hooked up to speakers so I don't have to rewire the living room every time I want to switch between speakers and headphones?

I really appreciate any help. Thanks so much in advanced!


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