Old school setup needing some speakers

Nov 22, 2014
So i bought a Cambridge Audio A3i Amp, and have a old Marantz CD67SE that i putting in the bed room as a second set up, now im up to date when it comes to todays speakers but i have no clue what was good back in the day, So the question is should a get new? or look for a decent second hand gems, my budget is £50 to £150 max, as i dont want to go OTT just for the bedroom, i listen to just about every kind of music except for Classic, Jazz, and all that kind of music.

My main setup is Anthem MRX 300, with Monitor Audio Gold GX100 Main, GX150 Centre, and 15 year old Eltax bi polar things which i will replace one day :)

So any help and advice welcomed, thank you.


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