Oberon 7 or Opticon 6 with a Denon 2700h?


May 2, 2021
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I currently have a home surround sound setup. This is what I have:

Denon 2700h AVR
Zensor 3s
Zensor 1
Zensor Vokal
Alteco C1

I'm looking to buy some floorstanding speakers to replace the Zensor 3s.

I listened to some Oberon 5 and 7 yesterday and loved them both. I have no sub so I think the 7s are my preferred option as they just feel as though you get more out of it.

The Oberon 5s are £699 and the 7s are £999. I can also buy some Opticon 6s for £999 too. I have not listened to these and some people have said my AVR may need to be upgraded to be able to get the power out of them.

I watch movies mainly so I'm not too bothered about the music side of things.

I live in an apartment, so I cannot go too loud as I'll get complaints from the neighbours, but, we will not live in an apartment forever, so this would be a purchase for the next 10 years or so.

Which would be the better option, Oberon 5/7 or go for the 1st Opticon 6s?


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