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  1. shyzite

    What amp for Dali Zensor 1's and a sub

    Hey, i got a klipsch r12sw subwoofer and dali zensor 1's but I need an amp to run it. i got around 130€ which should be enough because sub is active and the dali require 25-100w. regards
  2. E

    Oberon 7 or Opticon 6 with a Denon 2700h?

    Hi I currently have a home surround sound setup. This is what I have: Denon 2700h AVR Zensor 3s Zensor 1 Zensor Vokal Alteco C1 I'm looking to buy some floorstanding speakers to replace the Zensor 3s. I listened to some Oberon 5 and 7 yesterday and loved them both. I have no sub so I think...
  3. J

    Question New Hi-Fi set up for new turntable

    Hi! I'm new to What Hi-Fi, I currently have a basic turntable and speaker set up. (AT-LP60 and some Edifier speakers.) I am looking at getting a better turntable in the future and am set on a Rega Planar 2. To accompany this new turntable, I am looking at buying the Onkya - 9010 amplifier...
  4. U

    Dali Oberon 5.1 with Opticon Vokal

    I am interested in the Dali 5.1 surround system and was wondering if it is alright to mix Oberon 7 with Opticon Vocal ? Are there any issues with Opticon vocal compared to full Oberon setup ? Thanks for help
  5. Fgattino

    Question What to buy? I am newbie

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to hifi. I am about to invest in my first hifi system and there are too many options even for my budget (total usd 4k) I am looking for DAC, amp and speakers. I have a small room. This is what I have in mind: RME adi2-dac, PrimaLuna EVO 100 (integrated) and...