Notice of different Volume levels.


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Jan 17, 2012
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I curently own a NAD pp3 phono stage

This weekend I recieved a Musical Fidelity Vpls II to test.

So both phono stage are playing in the same price range (only the pp3 gives you the oportunity to digitalys you lp's, that's why I have to keep it)

Beside the fact that I think thet the VPLS is much better an it produce a directer, cleaner an more retmic enyoyable sound.

I noticed that when I was using the vpls I didn't or almost not changed the volume level wen I was switching between cdp & TT to test (listening between 9 &10 O'clock).

When I test the same thing with the PP3 I still put the cdp on 9' or 10' top's but switching to TT I easely have to go to 11', 12'.

Provably a stupid question..... :oops:(sorry I'm just trying to learn)

But I never thought this was depending of the phono stage.

Is this because the vpls deliver more power to the TT or is there an other reason?



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Apr 8, 2011
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You are almost correct. The vpls doesn't deliver more power to the tt. It delivers more power to your integrated amp.

The vpls has more gain than your pp3. IE for a given input from your cartridge on your tt it will produce a higher voltage (and therefore more power) into your integrated amp. This is no big deal. As long as the output isn't so low that your system sounds quiet at maximum volume, or has hair trigger volume control - sounding too loud too quickly.

If an amplifier ever delivered power to the cartridge it would break it due to the signal wires inside cartridges being thinner than hair and burning out very easily.


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