not getting 3d pictures?


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Jan 5, 2010
hi i have the samsung le40c750 and the panasonic 3d dmp-bdt210 player when i play 3d blu ray discs i put my glasses on to watch in 3d but the effect is not in proper 3d i am also using a hi speed pro gold red hdmi cable what could be causing the problem it says on tv when film is about to start full hd 3d mode do i need to change any options on 3d player to make it work or any options on tv to make it work or is my hi speed hdmi cable not up to scratch do i need to change the hdmi cable if so what cable shoul |( d i use please help as soon as possible thanks?
Let me get this right: your display says its showing 3D, but you're not happy with the 3D effect, right? If your display says its showing 3D, your cable is not at fault. It'll either show 3D or it won't. It's not possible for the cable to display "less 3D".

Some 3D movies are better than the others. Some of them are pretty bad in the way 3D is executed. Which movie are you trying?


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Feb 22, 2011
I am going to put my neck out a little here and say what I have always felt about 3D. Unless you have a projector screen (large enough screen to engulf you) 3D for me just does not work on anything less than a 60" I just wonder if you expectations were too thats just me.

However it may not be the case for you, so give another 3D film a go. Bigboss is right, with HDMI much like any other digital signal, its there or it isn't. It cannot be anything less.


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