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Al ears

The output from the CD player to the headphones is fine with no AMP present. However plug in the AMP and CD player works fine still but no reply from the AMP. I do expect that by changing the volume on the AMP would effect what I hear in the headphones plugged into the CD player.. Am I doing this wrong..Is this AMP for speakers only? AMP works fine at shop with speakers and a mobile phone..
Yes, you're doing it wrong as I suggested

Al ears

Mr Grey and all the other contributors to my question, I thank you all..Yep I guess I was expecting the signal to go from the CD to the AMP get processed then sent back to the CD and its headphone socket. Through your wisdom I now know that is not the case.. I shall therefore either get a headphone AMP or get a quality set of speakers.. Thanks for all your help..Expect my wrong speaker wiring or something like that next....
Glad that's sorted....



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