Newbie Needs new Amp+Speakers....but a problem


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Aug 10, 2019
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Well, I'm new to the HiFi world, and don't know why I haven't bought good speakers long before this. I am in the market to spend around US$1000-1500 for an amp and speakers.

The biggest problems are these: I will be doing my shopping in Thailand and don't know what is available. The bigger problem is that I live in Myanmar and I have to get whatever I buy on a plane. Obviously this limits the size of what I buy, which isn't that bad because I live in an apartment that is on the smallish size (two bedrooms) and chances are, when I move in the next year or so, I'll be living in a similar apartment.

Any thoughts on what might be my best options?



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Aug 9, 2007
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I was going to suggest a Cyrus 6 vs2 amp for ease of carrying with you on the plane because of its half size casing, but that pretty much utilises your budget. So perhaps something like the Rotel RA-04 or RA-05 amp would be good.

For the same logistical reasons, as well as your apartment size, I guess floorstander speakers are ruled out so perhaps you can consider a nice pair of bookshelf speakers like the Monitor Audio BR2.

I live in SE Asia too and I tend to find that Japanese brands are cheaper in this part of the world, so other than the Rotel amp, you may also wish to consider the Marantz PM4001 or PM7001.

I would also add - If you're planning to use your DVD player to play CDs....Don't. Get yourself a dedicated CD player - Even something like the Marantz CD5001 would do a far better job than many DVD players.


Thanks for the advice. I didn't mention that I'll be connecting through an airport express to my mac, so I won't be using either a CD player or DVD player (well, only to play DVDs).

I know I've seen Marantz gear for sale, but I don't remember seeing Rotel. I have no idea about the Monitor Audio though.

Again, thanks and I'll check things out.



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