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New system needed

S83 Trike

New member
Jul 6, 2015
Due to a split I now find myself in a flat and the ***** living it up on my behalf, but enough of my bitterness......

I now need a new system for my flat, flat is about 14 feet x 14 feet and standard height.

Unfortunately it has the panel flooring stuff on it, I am planning for a few large rugs to take away the hollowness of the flooring.

My budget is £1500 for a CD player, amp and ideally floor speakers [saves on stands]

I have thought of Cambridge CXC transport together with their own CXA 60 amp [with a dac] need speakers that will match those two.

Alternatively does anyone have any ideas on other CD player/amp and speakers- I would be open to 2nd hand if it brings better sound.

I listen to everything apart from classical jazz and rap music.


New member
Jul 18, 2016
If you buy any cd player with a digital out and feed it to the Cambridge audio amp via digital it will sound the same as the transport. This gives the option of buying any good condition second hand cd player with an optical or coaxial output and getting great sound. This could save you a few hundred.

Add the CA amp and this leaves 900 for speakers