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New ProAc D30 speaker - a leak?

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New member
Jul 31, 2010
ErikM said:
Well after an extremely long wait I finally got my D30R.. and simply put these speakers are amazing.. If you're heard any of the Proac's that use the dome tweeter or the older non carbon fibre woofers you are in for a treat because these are simply in another league. I'm sure the lucky few who have the D40R or K6 or Carbon series know what I mean. The ribbon is ravashing, it's detailed but sweet the utter lack of grain and glare and apparent blackness are astonding.. the whole speaker just seems much quieter music coming from this organic blackness.. Midrange is all Proac magic . Images just float free from the speakers hell eveything just seems to emerge.. it's like there's just no speaker there.. focus, speed all the good stuff but it's utterly natural just so easy to listen to.. I can't really comment on the bass yet I only have about 25 hours on them and I've been told the carbon fibre woofer need a good 200 hours to really come on song, but frankley if the speakers never got any better I'd be thrilled. I've owned numerous Proac's . The original reponse 2, 3, 3.5, tabletts, studio 100, D25 and most recently D2.. these are far and away the best I've owned.. If you are a Proac fan you owe it to your self to go for a listen.. and try and hear them with tubes or pure class A, you won't be disappointed...
Hello Erik, glad you like the ribbon sound.

And yes, ProAcs with ribbon tweeters tend to work well with tube or class A amps - after some experimentation, I now have settled on my K6s being driven by class A Accuphase amps.

Stewart Tyler

New member
Feb 4, 2014
Hello fellow music lovers. We introduced the D30 and 30R instead of upgrading the D28 which sells well.

We were asked for a ribbon version of the D28, but instead of altering a sucessful design we made the D30 and offered it

with a dome or ribbon tweeter, The cost to produce the D30 was much higher, with a bespoke carbon fibre bass/mid unit,

D40 style cabinet with seperate bars and side venting and the expensive ribbon tweeter.

Comparing the D30 to the D28, some people will instantly prefer the D30 inc myself, others find a small difference.

With a different cabinet, bas/mid driver, and ribbon it is completely different to the D28 in build with only the size

similar, which happens to be everyones favorite size. The D30 has been an instant hit giving a scaled down D40 sound, and we urge

people to include the D30 when testing similar size and price speakers.


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Jan 12, 2012
It's good to have you here Stewart - can you tell the difference between Redbook CD and HD music? (just kidding - referencing a LONG debate on the forum)

Your 'plain rectangular boxes' are simply some of the coolest speakers on the planet - a real inspiration. I love 'em.

I have not yet heard the D30 but really look forward to the experience. I finally got to (briefly) hear the D40Rs and was blown away (again). I find ribbon tweeters to be fussy and directional and yet, in your setup, they were neither.

Someday I would love to hear a D2-style standmount with a ribbon and a carbon fibre woofer. Not sure if you could get that to a reasonable price point but I know people would be excited.