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Aug 10, 2019
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hi there,

i'm new to the forum so i thought i would introduce myself and my system here.

My name is Dan, i'm 26 years old, and for the first time in my life, in a position to be able to spend money on hifi stuff! (maybe getting older isn't as bad as it seems!)

I've been listening to music for as long as i can remember, but my first 'proper' hifi equipment came about 10 or 11 years ago, an ariston integrated amp and cd player from richer sounds. initially i ran a massive subwoofer (meant to go into a car) off one channel and an eltax floor stander off the other (well i was 15 and into dance music and drum and bass, i judged musical quality on how much i could get my bedroom shaking!!) Thankfully i've grown up a bit since then!

Until recently i was still using the same setup (ableit with both the eltax floorstanders now!) at the start of the year the cd player gave up the ghost, and that is where it has all begun!

First purchase was a cambridge audio id50 dock, so that i could plug in my ipod and access the masses of music stored on it. Not long after that, i got a hankering for some new speakers (after hearing a friends new mordaunt short mezzo 2's) the eltax that i had before, were old, a bit cheap and nasty and didn't sound that great either (very muddy bass heavy and not detailed)

after a bit of shopping around i ended up with a set of kef iq50 floorstanders, i prefered the crisp top end that they gave compared to the mordaunt shorts.

Next purchase was a cambridge audio azur 650a amplifier, which improved things still further (and gave me the luxury of a remote!)

combined with the iq50s gave a great sound, unbelievably crisp, great for electronic music; but perhaps slightly tiresome on the ears after a long listen.

The final and most recent addition is a harman/kardon hk770 power amp (donated by my father inlaw) I am so pleased with the sound now, slightly warmer than before without being too fuzzy; and seems a bit better with bass than previously.. plus it has cool 80's style led power gauges on it!

Musical tastes are varied, anything from prog rock (yes, van der graaf generator etc) to electronic music (squarepusher, aphex twin and this sytem seems to be able to give a good sound on all genres

any way, enough talk, here's some pics






that's cool, i love how good he is on the bass guitar! nuts


Nice, lucky you! He actually released an album of just him and his bass, it's called solo electric bass 01 or something similar... Worth a listen for sure. The way he can play makes me think he has steel fingers or something!


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Oct 16, 2008
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dan_deelux said:
Nice, lucky you!

Never really gave it that much thought, this was pre-Squarepusher days (although only just I think), so it wasn't like he was famous or anything, just Tom, slapping away, got to admit I would have been too busy playing pool to really notice!


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